The Mississippi Conference and Sea Song

Bishop Hope Morgan Ward This week, we are delighted to bring you a piece written by Bishop Hope Morgan Ward of the Mississippi Conference and United Methodist Church.

“Sea Song” is a beautifully lyrical name, capturing a lovely vision of healing and hospitality and home. Sea Song emerges as a vision for the future from the tradition of hospitality and renewal extending for over a century on the historical Gulfside property in Waveland.

Out of the destruction of Hurricane Katrina new life arises. The wonderful homes of Sea Song will be enriching places for residents and guests.

Sea Song embodies continuities and discontinuities, carrying forward the heritage of hospitality while creating a remarkably new future.

The Mississippi Conference embraces with all United Methodist people the mission of making disciples for Jesus Christ. In Mississippi, we seek to “Rise and Shine,” growing and going and giving, overflowing with the love of God in the world. Sea Song exemplifies shining ministry, expanding vision and extravagant generosity.

– Bishop Hope Morgan Ward, Mississippi Conference, The United Methodist Church

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