Looking Back on the Interfaith Service

On Friday, September 17th, many of you joined us for our Interfaith Service. We were fortunate to be treated to a spiritual performance by the Rust College Choir, who greeted us with song and messages of hope. For those of you who were not able to join us, we’d like to share some of the quotes from the speakers.

Mollie Stewart, President of Gulfside Association, spoke of togetherness in times of need. “All of us down the Coast are hurting,” said Mollie, “and when family hurts, we gather together.” The Interfaith Service on the grounds the Gulfside Association brought messages of togetherness, and of healing for the Gulf Coast area.

Waveland Mayor Tommy Longo spoke of the destruction that the grounds have seen during Katrina and the BP Oil Spill. But the legacy of Gulfside has held fast through troubled times. “The rich history that was here, just the buildings are gone,” said Longo. “The history is still here. What happened, happened. And those great things continue to happen here at Gulfside Assembly.”

“We gather today to give thanks to God for the continued restoration of our community,” said Bishop Hope Morgan Ward of the United Methodist Church, “And most especially for this place. We give thanks for God’s providence, God’s love and God’s strength. In this way we know we are not alone. And we look to God for strength and help as we move forward.”

Though only a tent served as a sanctuary for those in attendance, there are plans to build a Ministry Center on the grounds where future Sea Song at Gulfside residents and worshippers can gather and hear God’s message.

And although the grounds will be home to retirement villas, the Interfaith Service took place to bring the community together. “We’re here to praise God. To lift God up. And to honor what God has done for us,” said Mollie Stewart. “And we’re not talking about Katrina, the destruction. We’re talking about how blessed we are right now.”

If you were able to attend, please let us know in the comments section. We love to hear from you.

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