The Vision of Sea Song

The Vision of Sea SongThe history of Gulfside is filled with a rich heritage of triumph and perseverance. Now, in the wake of the devastation wrought by Hurricane Katrina, the community of Gulfside in Waveland, Mississippi is being rebuilt for future generations.

Gulfside has been associated with the United Methodist Church for nearly a century. Founded by Bishop Robert E. Jones, the first Black Methodist bishop, it was a safe haven where Blacks could meet, study and worship during the Civil Rights era.

Throughout the course of its history, Gulfside has endured several tragedies: first a fire in the 1940s, then Hurricane Camille in 1969 and most recently, Hurricane Katrina. These forces brought destruction to the buildings and the land, but the spirit of its people has remained strong.
Today, under the visionary leadership of President and CEO Mollie M. Stewart, Gulfside Association and its Board of Trustees are directing the rebuilding of Gulfside with a commitment to serving God’s purpose, and paving the way for new ministries and communities.

Gulfside will feature four key components: an assisted living community, lodging for visitors who come to Gulfside for the recreational, educational, and spiritual activities offered; Sea Song at Gulfside, a collection of Caribbean-inspired villas for active retirement living; and the Ministry Center at Gulfside.

A multi-million dollar capital campaign is also currently underway to bring to life the 60,000-square-foot Ministry Center at Gulfside. The Ministry Center will be the heart and soul of the renewed Gulfside, where the spiritual leaders of today and tomorrow will come together to rededicate themselves to their mission and serve those in need through national outreach programs.

The first step in rebuilding Gulfside is Sea Song at Gulfside, a unique retirement community for active adults age 55 and older. This new addition to the Gulfside legacy will extend its historic ministries to serve all people – young and old. The first residents of Sea Song will lay the cornerstone for the renewal of Gulfside, adding a new chapter to its ongoing story of perseverance and triumph.

Both Sea Song at Gulfside and the Ministry Center at Gulfside represent a new chapter in the Gulfside legacy.

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